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 Accessories  used for   Disposable/ Expendable Thermocouple( Tips)

Metallic Housing


Compensating Cable

Use: Housing holds the receptacles within it. Housing  is fixed with Lance Assembly. 

Material: Stainless Steel  





Use: To facilitate plugging the Expendable T/C with Compensating Cable. 

Material: Elastomer materials 





Use: It connects Receptacle with Measuring System and 

acts as   conductor of impulse with suitable compensating capability. 

Material: Available with different combination of Conductor  sizes, insulation and sheathing. 





Suitable for Tips Model



PEI-Standard (M-III)

Female Type

Female Type Cables to withstand high temperature and large number of immersion sequences are  & shall be suitable for T/C

Pt-PtRh10% (S),

Pt-PtRh13% (R) and PtRh30%-PtRh6% (B) 

PEI-Mini Tips (M-VI)

Female Type

Female Type

PEI-Mini Tips (M-II)

Female Type

Male Type
 Lance Assembly

Use: To hold the Expendable T/C plugged into connector and immersion of it into molten metal  from a safe distance. 

Materials: Stainless Steel pipes and S.S. Sockets & M.S.Handle. 

Types: Straight Type, Bend/Kinked Type with 46' & 90' bend.Length shall   be as per customer's requirement.


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