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For  ensuring proper quality  of  Metal in manufacturing process, periodic examination of accurate temperature  of Molten  Metal  is  essential. Since Normal Thermo-couple Sensors in Metallic or Ceramic  Sheath/ Thermo-well, are  not  workable within  Molten Metal , this Specially  designed DISPOSABLE Type Thermocouple Sensor  is  used . This  is  very  cost  effective  way  of  measuring Molten Metal Temperature while it  is  in the   process  of manufacturing. This Disposable Thermocouple is called in different names in various countries. Names are Expendable Thermocouple or  Disposable Thermocouple or Thermocouple-Tips or Temperature Tips or  Immersion Thermocouple. In some places it is known as Throw-away type Thermocouple.  

Before  each  reading, an  Immersion /Expendable  Thermo-couple  is  fixed  with  the  Lance through  a  connector  called Receptacle .   Receptacle  remains  attached  with the  Metallic  Lance  with a  suitable  Metallic  Housing and  a  Clip. The  moment Immersion /Expendable  Thermo-couple fitted  in  a Paper  Tube,  is  fixed in  the  Metallic  Lance and its connection is established,  a  suitable Light indicator attached with  the  Measuring  System,  automatically  signals  the  activation  of  the System. At this moment Indicator would show the ambience temperature. 

With  the  help  of  Long Lance,  Immersion /Expendable  Thermo-couple  is  gradually  inserted  in  to  molten metal from a safe distance. Paper Tube  of  the  Immersion /Expendable/Disposable Thermo-couple  protects  the  tube  from  the  molten  metal,  while lance is  in  the  molten  metal for  around 6 to 9 seconds.  Receptacle (  the  connector) is  connected  with a suitable  Compensating  Cable  which  at  its  other  end  is  connected  with  the Micro Processor  based Specialised Process Control System or Temperature Measuring Instrument i.e. Digital Indicator  or  Recorder.  The  moment  Lance  is  inserted  in  to  molten  metal Container , it  pierces  through  the  slag ( if any )  and  touches  the  molten  metal under  the  slag and  Immersion /Expendable  Thermo-couple converts  temperature  in  to mlv  and  sends  that   impulse  through  Compensating  Cable  to  the Measuring Instrument /  System. Now   Instrument  gives  the  temperature in its LED display unit on  the basis of   the    Thermo EMF  Impulse it receives, On completion of the operation of Tips, a hooter automatically starts sending sound signal for taking out the lance with the burnt-out tips from the molten metal.  



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