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Popular Electronics & Instruments Pvt Ltd

Our Company was incorporated in India in the year 1971. Since then it is manufacturing various ranges of Disposable Thermocouples mainly for Steel Mills, Foundries, Special Steel Casting Units, Heavy Engineering Units etc. Here in PEI each piece of our product is passed through number of rigorous testing and counter checking in order to ensure the Product Quality.

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Industrial Solution

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About Our Company

Our Company was incorporated in India .Through the path of customers' satisfaction and continuing relationship, today PEI has been able to establish a reasonable market presence in India with a commanding market share.
Our mission has been always to facilitate quality metal manufacturing and ensuring cost saving on account of energy and other consumables by way of avoiding over-heating. This mission is being relentlessly pursued through consistency, uniformity, quality and that too at a very reasonable Price.

Our Latest Products

We are offering the latest instruments and tools keeping in mind the increasing demand of technical devices so that companies can cope up with latest technological advancement. Our entire product range is supported by fully trained technicians and engineers with years of experience i.e. we can provide the best support and advice that you require.

Make sure that you know about installation requirements the thermocouple has, as it may be required to be compatible with existing equipment.
The temperature of the thermocouple's reference junction must be known to get the correct absolute-temperature reading.
These products are manufactured from raw materials that are considered to be the best in the industry.
The fast response thermocouple is used for measuring the temperature of molten steel and high-temperature molten metal. These are compactly designed, top quality and low maintenance .

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Huge varieties of high-quality thermocouple available.